• (1) PARTICIPATION : Practicing our activities requires being in good shape, with no medical counter-indication to the chosen practice; to respect the minimum required age and the conditions hereafter. However, one has to be conscious of the inherent risks of our activities, organized in a non-secured, natural environment. Each participant should comply with the advice given by the professional staff.


  • (2) UNDERAGE : Parental or Common Authorization: every non-accompanied underage person, and whatever the activity practiced, should bear a parental authorization or, for every structure confiding any underage person to us, a common authorization. For any activity, underage children shall be accompanied by a parent of tutor of age.


  • (3) EQUIPMENT : Equipment and gear provided by "Moorea Activities Center" are homologues and meet the actual security standards. You will be informed of any supplementary equipment, non-provided but necessary to the activity, before the departure of the excursion.


  • (4) SUPERVISING STAFF: Our instructors, monitors and guides all bear a State diploma. Any participation to our activities is submitted to their appreciation, with regards to the moral, physical and sporting aptitudes of the participants.


  • (5) SECURITY : Before each departure, a briefing will be held about the use of the material and the basic security rules. The feasibility of each programme is submitted to the appreciation of the instructors, monitors and guides. They will take into account the weather forecasts and the individual aptitude of each participant to take part into it.


  • (6) WEATHER : All of our activities take place in open air. Therefore, the weather forecasts will be taken into account but cannot be a cause of cancellation by the client. They are to be estimated by the professional staff. Since the activity is insured by “Moorea Activities Center”, no refunding will be allowed.


  • (7) PERSONAL PROPERTIES : "Moorea Activities Center" denies any responsibility in case of loss, damage or theft of the personal properties. Bringing objects of value is not advised.


  • (8) INSURANCE : Security and preventive measures being our first concern, “Moorea Activites Center” has contracted a Professional Civil Responsibility insurance for these activities. Nevertheless, we strongly advise each participant to have contracted an individual Civil Responsibility insurance.


  • (9) REGISTRATION CONDITIONS AND RULES : Registration in our activities and other services are booked by our website and our sales offices, according to our availability. Each registration will be taken into account only after reception of the entire payment. By the registration rules, you acknowledge that you have been informed and agree to our general terms and conditions of sale. In the case of a group or a multi-persons registration, the subscriber will display and approve the general terms and conditions of sale, as well as any documentation, to every participant.


  • (10) CANCELLATION BY THE CLIENT : Any cancellation on your part before the beginning of the activity shall reach us by mail or telephone. In case of a cancellation more than 48 hours before your activity, the acquired amounts will be entirely refunded to you. No refunding will be handled for any absence of cancellation less than 48 hours before the beginning of the activity. In case of an impossibility to practice the activity, another person can replace the client, provided this person meets the required conditions, without cancelling the fares of the first client’s registration, which will still be owned. We shall be informed of your cancellation 2 to 30 days before the activity. Any activity interrupted or not practiced because of the participant or the subscriber, whatever the motive, shall not be refunded.


  • (11) CANCELLATION BY "Moorea Activities Center": the supervising staff (State diploma) holds the right to change the programme, with or without warning, according to the weather or security conditions. Activities of replacement can be organized without any possible claiming by any of the participants. If “Moorea Activities Center” is compelled to the cancellation of a departure, what should be the reasons, the participants will be entirely refunded without any other compensation.


  • (12) OUR FARES INCLUDE : the supervision by a qualified person, with the specific equipment; your “terrestrial” trip to the point of departure of the activity, the rental of extra equipment (masks, tubas…), the drinks for the tour, the photos and the videos.


  • (13) OUR FARES DO NOT INCLUDE: the lodging, the food, the drinks not included in the tour and the personal expenses.


  • (14) AUDIOVISUAL PROPERTY AND IMAGE RIGHTS : When participating into our activities, you agree with no restriction that your image can be used for a promotional and commercial purpose on our printed communication supports or in our telecommunication means (videos, photos, websites, social networks), except for an oral and written request on your part. According to the French Law n°78-17 of January the 6th, 1978 regarding Computer science, Files and Liberties, you are guaranteed the right to have access to, change or suppress any information concerning yourself.


  • (15) SPECIAL OFFER – Special Internet Offer agreed to under terms; advance payment; refundable under the conditions above.


  • (16) ONLINE PAYMENT : With your booking and online payment, "Moorea Activities Center" certifies having no access to your banking identity.


  • (17) CUSTOMER SERVICE : For any inquiry, please contact our customer service :
    Email :
    Telephone : (+689)
    Postmail : Moorea Activities Center

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                            98 729 Papetoai (Moorea)

                            French Polynesia