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The "SMALL COMBO" is the ideal combo to discover the main sites of Moorea in 3h30 only !

► See the programs "JETSKI SMALL TOUR (1H00)" & "ATV SMALL TOUR (2H30)" ◄

You can choose to combine both activities on 1 or 2 days!


If you want to do both activities on the same day you will start with the "SMALL JETSKI TOUR (1H00)" in the MORNING then the "SMALL ATV TOUR (2H30)" in the AFTERNOON.


■ Opunohu Bay and North-West coast

■ Ray-feeding

■ Encounter with the sharks


All our jetskis are Sea-Doo GTI 130 (models 2015 to 2018) and all have a brake !

So very easy to drive and very stable as they are approved for 3 people !


A one-hour discovery and a swim among rays, sharks and multicolored fish species.

You will depart from the legendary Opunohu Bay whose guide will deliver all its secrets.

You then reach the most beautiful part of the island with its translucent lagoon !

Stopover to feed the rays and meet the sharks in Moorea’s crystal-clear waters.


■ No licence required !

■ Minimum age to participate : 5 years.

■ Minimum age to drive : 16 years

■ Masks and snorkels provided free of charge.

■ Free pictures to download on our facebook page.

■ Free transfer from your lodging.

► SMALL ATV TOUR (2h30) ◄


■ Opunohu valley and its rivers
■ Plantations and free tastings
■ Panoramic view from the Belvedere

For information the only difference between the "SMALL ATV TOUR" (2h30) and the "BIG ATV TOUR" (3h30) is the "Magic Mountain" that you will not visit during the "SMALL ATV TOUR" (2h30).
The "Magic Mountain" offers a last adventurous hike and especially the most beautiful view of the island !

All our ATVs are "Can-Am" 500 cc & 570cc models (2016 to 2018) and are all automatic !
So very easy to drive and great comfort even for the passenger !

Come and discover the sacred land and mountains of Moorea unique sceneries !

You will quickly learn and follow our guide through breathtaking landscapes !
After a few miles on the road, get into the Opunohu valley, across rivers.
Then drive up to the Belvedere for a magnificent view and a good use of your camera.
Drive down into the valley, through plantations, and reach the Agricultural Highschool.
Taste the local products for free, before getting back to the base.
A purely relaxing and enchanting moment on the legendary paths of Moorea.

■ Driving licence required.
■ Free tastings of local products.
■ Bring, if necessary, money in cash to buy local products and souvenirs.
■ Free pictures to download on our facebook page.
■ Free transfer from your lodging.


  • Price per "SMALL COMBO" = 252 € (30 000 XPF)
    1 "COMBO" = 1 or 2 people maximum on 1 JETSKI and 1 ATV.
    If you want a second machine you will have to choose 2 "COMBO"...

    You can choose to combine both activities on 1 or 2 days!
    To record your tour on our book please informus as soon as possible in our "CONTACT" section of our website or on our mail box (mooreaactivitiescenter@gmail.com) :

    ■ By which date(s) would you like to do both activities ?

    ■ How many Combo(s) do you want to book ?

    ■ How many people will participate in the escursions ?

    ■ Where will you stay to organize free transfer schedule (Go / Return) is necessary ?

    ■ Do you want to benefit from free transfers or will you come by your own means of transportation at our center ?