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■ Education on whales
■ Whales Watching
■ Swimming with Whales

Live the incredible experience to watch and swim with humpback whales as anywhere else !
Indeed French Polynesia is one of the last places in the world where it is allowed to swim with cetaceans !

Each austral winter (July to November), humpback whales come to spend five months in the warm waters of Polynesia to breed and give birth.
The rest of the year, they are in Antarctica for food.
Whale season has always punctuated the year Polynesians. It begins in late June, early July.
Latest whales leave Polynesia in November, when the calves, born last, have enough strength to begin their migration to the Antarctic.

During the tour, our experienced and passionate guides will share their knowledge on these majestic whales before identifying the distance, through their breath and surface mounted.
You approach slowly so as to be on the animal's path without the chase.
Your guides will then decide when to put yourself in the water with fins, mask and snorkel.
And that's when the magic will operate when an animal will approach your group and let admire.

It is common to hear the song of a male whale putting his head under water but also to contemplate the jump out of the water ! Thrills !

Luckily generous Polynesia will also meet near dolphins, Cuvier's beaked whales, Blainville whales and pilot whales groups !!!

■ Minimum age to participate: 5 years.
■ Half price for children (5-12 years).
■ In any prevention "seasickness" remember to bring medication.
■ Plan your suits, fins, masks and snorkels if you have any.
■ Fins, masks and tubas provided free of charge if necessary.
■ Free transfer from your lodging.


  • WARNING:The quantity is the number of tour(s)

    Choose the number of people doing the tour :
    ■ Price per Adult = 101 € (12 000 XPF)
    ■ Price per Child (5-12 years) = 50 € (6 000 XPF)
    ► MAXIMUM 12 Persons

    To record your tour on our book please informus as soon as possible in our "CONTACT" section of our website or on our mail box (mooreaactivitiescenter@gmail.com) :

    ■ By which date would you like to do the tour ?

    ■ How many people (Adult and Child) will participate in the escursion ?

    ■ Where will you stay to organize free transfer schedule (Go / Return) is necessary

    ■ Do you want to benefit from free transfers or will you come by your own means of transportation at our center ?